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Istanbul is a magical city

Istanbul is a magical city

Istanbul is a magical city, has a secret that makes you feel in love with it and want to always come back, because it’s a huge city with many historical places to visit and many things to do, So you won’t find any problem keeping busy especially if it’s your first visit.

But when searching for things to do in Istanbul there were lots of old historical places and museums which is great if its your first time but if you want to learn more about it to discover more about how real life goes on in this city from a local prospective then we think we can help you.

Suleymaniye mosque is definitely a place you want to see with its architect and history, when you are there don’t mess one of Istanbul’s most amazing views that you can see in many cafes located around the mosque. Down the hill of Suleymaniye is Eminonu know as the Egyptian Pazar, a covered market with amazing varieties of spices lokum and many stuff that can be a great gift from Turkey, it is one of the first touristic places so the prices are not very real!!,there is a secret to it, if you enter the Egyptian Pazar and go to the right side of it instead of going left you will discover a whole different local market where you can find anything that comes to your mind and it’s the biggest local market in Istanbul.

Leaving eminonu you can walk across the Galata bridge and go up the hill to see Galata tower, in that area there is many small boutiques, music shops, small cafes and US, so if you one day end here come visit us and we will tell you more secrets about Istanbul.

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